Who doesn’t love movies? For some of us, the best part of a movie is finding out interesting facts about them. And, whether weird, funny or crazy, movie facts are always a delicious treat. Today, I bring you 5 Incredible Movie Trivia Facts. So, hang on to your underwear because here we go!

5. What movie does NASA show at their management training program?  Armageddon. No, it’s not because the movie is about traveling to outer space. Not even close! It’s because they need their trainees to pick out as many mistakes as possible. So far? Over 100 mistakes made. So much for wanting to become an astronaut. 


4. What actor takes his career so serious he’s willing to bleed for it? And the Oscar goes to Leonardo DiCaprio! Remember that cool movie Django Unchained? Yeah, awesome movie. Well, in one scene, your boy accidentally crushed glass with his palm and he started bleeding. Being the pro that he is, he stayed in character through the whole scene. What a guy! Well done DiCaprio, well done.

3. What famous actor bet it all on the percentage of the movie’s results instead of getting paid upfront? Run Forest, Run…To the bank that is! Yes, your main man Tom Hanks decided to take a percentage instead of a salary. By doing so, he ended up raking in something like $40 mil. Talk about having full confidence in your product. I applaud you, sir. 

2. When you think of a toilet flushing, does Star Trek come to mind? Well, it should. The sound of the doors opening on the Enterprise is from a train’s toilet flushing. Of course you realize that when you watch the movie, it’s all you’re going to hear. You’re welcome.

Star Trek (2008) Directed by: J.J. Abrams

1. Are you ready for a Juicy Jurassic Park secret? (in low voice) the dinosaurs are not real…..I know, I crushed the movie and everything it meant to you. I’m kidding. Actually, you know the sounds the Velociraptors make? It’s the same sound tortoises make when doing the nasty. Try taking that picture out of your brain now. 

I hope you enjoyed these 5 incredible Movie Trivia Facts. Now, the next step is for you to come out to one of our trivia locations, hang out with Kid Corona, and win some cool stuff. 

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