6 Trivia Fun Facts That Might Blow Your Mind! Whoa!

Did you know that the game of Trivia was created by a man named Allan Thompson in the 1950s? Or that the first Trivia book wasn’t published until 1965? Here are 6 fun facts about Trivia that you may not have known!

Trivia Fun Facts
1. The game of Trivia was created by a man named Allan Thompson in the 1950s. Although, we have not been able to verify this “fact”.
2. The first Trivia book wasn’t published until 1965. And, it’s been going strong ever since. Countless shows and games have been produced since that time.
3. The original name for the game was “Nuts and Bolts.” Thank goodness it was changed to Trivia. Much easier to remember and it rolls off the tongue a lot better.

More Trivia Fun Facts!

4. The game is believed to have originated in Canada. So, next time you come across a friendly neighborhood Canadian, thank them. After all, they helped make trivia a HUGE hit in the USA.
5. There are an estimated 100,000 trivia questions in existence. Could have fooled us. We feel our first 100 games had more than that. But who knows. We have a sneaky suspicion that there are more than that.
6. Save the best for last. Did you know Jack Trivia is the first and only TV-style game show for Bars & Restaurants? No one else in the world (to our searchable knowledge) is doing this.


Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Trivia or not, we hope you found these trivia fun facts about the game to be interesting! If you’re ever looking for a fun way to pass the time, why not give Jack Trivia a try? Who knows, you might find yourself becoming a fan! Find a trivia location near you and join Kid Corona for ultimate fun!