Without a doubt, we live in an Amazon world. That’s why it makes sense to show you 7 of the weirdest things people buy on Amazon. Some are crazy, and others, are actually functional. Enjoy the ride. 

Want to cut meat like you were Wolverine? Well, now you can with this weird, yet, cool looking meat shredder. CLICK IMAGE

Nick fan? These pillows can be the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room set. Or, it can be a conversation starter. CLICK IMAGE

You don’t need to be famous to have your own cardboard cutout. But, they seem to be popular. We may have to get one for Kid Corona. CLICK IMAGE

Not gonna lie, these are actually pretty cool. A lot of people hate picking up greasy foods. In fact, Kid Corona is one of those people. He’ll rinse his hands after every helping of anything greasy or messy. This can make a great gift. CLICK IMAGE

Ok, this is down right disgusting. But, it would make a perfect Halloween costume. Or, if you’re into weird things like this, wear it anytime. CLICK IMAGE

We’ve seen these before. And, we have had trivia players submit chickens as their pet submission. If you or someone you know owns one of these pets, this harness would do the trick. And, they’ll thank you for it. CLICK IMAGE

Now, this may not be a bad idea. It might be annoying to other passengers, but still, a good idea. travelers usually have the standard neck pillow. But from what we can gather, this may be a more comfortable option. No matter which side you fall asleep on, this bad boy has you covered. CLICK IMAGE

There ya go. 7 of the weirdest things people buy on Amazon. So, anything tickle your fancy? Which one of these are you ready to order? Please, we would love to know. 

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