Just when you think the world can’t get any stranger, it pulls another Amazon package. Here are seven of the weirdest things you can buy on Amazon.

n Amazon-themed Action Figure with Box-Shaped Parts, Round Eyes, and a Triangular Mouth Looking up While Standing on a Tree

While the trivia questions on Jack Trivia have elicited a few raised eyebrows and the odd, funny look, they’ve got nothing on the products bandied about on Amazon, second only to the spending habits of the people who buy them. We’re looking at you, Drew Gooden.


Here are some of the strangest things people buy on Amazon. 

Did we hear someone say pulled pork sliders? Thanks to the Meat Shredder Claws, you can have them straight out of the oven. Well, not straight exactly because you’ll have to take the pork out of the range and let it rest before you can dig these Wolverine-inspired claws into it, but you get the point.

As a Halloween costume, this product is a solid 10 out of 10. As a kitchen appliance, we’d much rather stick to our knives.  

There are more sequin pillows in this world than Jack Trivia questions. Put Nicolas Cage on them, and you’ve got the Nicolas Cage Pillow: available in red, black, and dark blue, and a Nicolas Cage picture confirming the maker of this pillow just did it for kicks and giggles. 

A Cardboard Cutout is one of those odd products people love to buy on Amazon due to its prank potential. Scare the crap out of your friends by being in two places at once or send them one of their worst photo cutouts as a birthday ‘gift’. You’re welcome!

It turns out that there’s more than meets the eye to the Chip Fingers. These food-grade rubbers are a great way to pick up greasy food without getting your fingers dirty, and they’re also a solid finger guard. You can practically hear Kid Corona rolling his eyes.

The Diving Swimsuit Bikini is so revealing it leaves nothing to the imagination. And we mean nothing, not even your internal organs, offal and all. On the bright side, this is a great study prop, so yay?  

Put a leash on it, they said. Push a leash on your chicken, no one did, but we have one or something close to it anyway. Let Kid Corona introduce you to Chicken Harness, a harness that’ll make chicken parents go ‘Woah!’ and chickens say, ‘What’s next: a muzzle?’

A world where even the block pillow has competition is tough. The people who wear the Ostrich Travel Pillow have described it as a comfortable alternative to a neck pillow. People who’ve seen it, i.e., yours truly, think it looks like a straitjacket. You be the judge.

And there you have it, folks. Seven of Amazon’s weirdest products, each a reason we’ll never run out of trivia questions, and you’ll never cease to be surprised by our quiz questions. Once you’ve read about these bizarre products and bought the craziest things you can buy on Amazon, join the Jack Trivia world. Download the app to play Trivia QuizzesFind the Words, and we’ll let you Fill in the Blanks for the rest.

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