Kid Corona's Six Classic Board Games to Enjoy With Your Family

There is nothing more fun than doing family game night with classic board games. Check out Kid Corona’s Six Classic Board Games from lowest to highest.


As crazy as this may sound, I’ve never actually played Uno until recently. I know! People look at me like I’m crazy. I was in Seattle with some friends and we walked into to one those game themed bars. After disclosing that I had never played it, they insisted to show me the way. I must say, I had a lot of fun.

Is there anything not fun about this? Especially the oversized version, that kicks butt! You’re gonna think I’ve been living under a rock. But, I first played this game 5 years ago. I know what you’re thinking, and that’s ok. Hey, at least I finally tried it.

Now, here’s a classic board game game I’ve been playing since I was a kid. Hopefully I redeemed myself, lol. I do love a good game of Monopoly. But, I also have to be in the mood being that it can take a while.

I LOVE playing Sorry. It’s fun, funny and I always feel competitive. If you’re up for the challenge, I say we meet up for a game or two.

I kick butt at this game. Both the classic board games and the iPhone version. My daughter thinks I’ve rigged it since I beat her all the time on the digital version, lol. Nope, your boy Corona simply has the skills.

Yes!! This is my go to game. This is the mother-load for me. And I’ll be honest, I can be a sore loser with this game. It feels as though the game is rigged when I play with others. I have my suspicions, lol. I will challenge anyone to jump into a cool game of Trouble. By the way, have you heard of Double Trouble?

Join me for Jack Trivia. Find a location near you and I will see you there.

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