In light of the developments surrounding COVID19, we will keep you updated on our return. In the meantime, join us free on YouTube for live trivia games.
Some of our bar and restaurant partners have made delivery an option. Click on their website links to find out who is currently delivering. 
We look forward to seeing you on YouTube.

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Join Kid Corona and thousands of awesome people like you. We have 9 ways for you to win and 6 mind-blowing rounds of fun! Are you ready to play Jack Trivia?

1. El Chapo, yes, the Kingpin, now has his own beer. Thanks to his daughter, her company developed a craft beer dedicated to her dad. It’s called…wait for it…”El Chapo Beer”
2. An Italian restaurant made a 338 foot pizza. Why? To help raise funds for fire fighters battling brushfires.
3. Spotify created a playlist for dogs to listen to while their owners are out. Now that’s innovative thinking, or, plain boredom.
4. “The highest Court in the land” is not what you may think. It’s the nickname of The Supreme Courts private basketball court.
5. If you thought getting into college was tough, try getting into Walmart. Turns out, only 2.6% of applicants get accepted, while 4.5% get accepted into Harvard.
6. This is for all Unicorn hunters; It’s legal to hunt them in Michigan, as long as you have a license. Yes, they offer one.
7. If you grew up watching Sesame Street, more than likely, you never new the Cookie Monster had a real name. Well, he does. Turns out his name is Sid. Don’t believe us, look it up. Now that’s a fun trivia fact.

Join Kid Corona, America’s Trivia Host for a night of trivia. Find a location near you and bring your team along for fun, food and prizes. See ya there!


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