PHOENIX TRIVIA - Before it became Chase Field, what name was it known as?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - In 1990, what radio personality famously demolished over 3,000 Milli Vanilli LPs and CDs with a steam roller?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - What street once had an underground bowling alley?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - Phoenix was founded in what year?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - What Hip Hop group did Kid Corona appear on as himself?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - What is the name of the Phoenix airport?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - On The Wallace & Ladmo Show, what kind of bags did they give the audience?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - What was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - Phoenix has gotten an inch of snow — twice, in what years?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - What classic movie's opening scene was filmed downtown?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - Phoenix has a franchise in how many professional major sports leagues?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - Which one of these rockers lives in Scottsdale?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - A replica of the Ponderosa Ranch (from the TV show Bonanza) is located in what city?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - Which of these industries is NOT considered a major industry in the Greater Phoenix area?
ARIZONA TRIVIA - What is the official State flower of Arizona?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - Talking Stick Resort Arena is formerly known by what name?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - What year did Chase Field Open?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - How many Major League Baseball teams conduct spring training in the Cactus League?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - Which of these movies was NOT filmed in Phoenix?
PHOENIX TRIVIA - Sky Harbor is also known as what?
ARIZONA TRIVIA - Someone who lives in Arizona is referred to as what?
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