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Most of you are already familiar with FaceMatch. But, did you know we do a live version of it on YouTube? It’s called FaceMatch Friday. Bring your celebrity knowledge and join Kid Corona for a chance to win cash!
As long as you have a phone or computer, you can play from anywhere. Make sure to subscribe to our channel. And hey, don’t forget to click the little notification bell, that way, you’ll get notified when we go live. So, will we see you there?


Pop Up Trivia is one of our most popular trivia games. You and your team have a chance to win instant cash or extra bonus points on the spot. Here’s how it works; Kid Corona will ask you a trivia question, and if you answer correct, you win! It’s that simple.
Pop Up Trivia Games are random. But, not everyone will have a chance to play. If you see Corona in the building, make sure to flag him down. It’s up to YOU to spot him.
Follow @KidCorona and keep up. You never know when he’ll walk in to your location ready to make you a winner.


Of course, this being the ultimate trivia game. We stay on the cutting edge of technology to benefit you. Jack Trivia is the only game in America with a virtual host across all locations. And, when you come out to play one of our trivia games, we guarantee fun, energy and excitement. But, if you’ve never heard of us, find more About Jack Trivia.


And, don’t forget to Join Kid Corona for FaceMatch Friday. Grab your friends together and score the cash! But, if you can’t get all your friends to play, you still have a pretty good chance of winning.