Ready to go to the beach house? Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and play Two and a Half Men Trivia! Play this game and spread the love to all your Charlie Harper loving friends.

How did Alan burn down Lindsay’s house?
What was the name of Allison Janney’s character?
Why did Alan move in with Charlie?
What is Alan Harper’s occupation?
What character did Emilio Estevez play on the show?
True or False - Enrique Iglesias played “Federico The Handyman”
What character does Conchata Ferrell play?
What else did Charlie write for a living?
Which character played the Dean on Saved By The Bell The College Years?
What was the name of Charlies pizza boy?

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  1. Charlie stayed awake for 48 hours in preparation for his role in Ferris Bueller.
  2. Sheen published his book, Peace of my Mind, back in 1998.
  3. Jon Cryer released a book, ‘So That Happened,’ a memoir of 30 years of his career in the entertainment industry, in 2015.
  4. Jon is an avid – though constantly injured — ultimate Frisbee player.
  5. Cryer played Lex Luthor’s nephew, Lenny Luthor in Superman IV.
  6. Conchata Ferrell was not supposed to last on Two and a Half Men.
  7. Ferrell has written a great deal of children’s poetry.
  8. Angus T. Jones made $350,000 per episode. He blasted the show as “filth.” Yet, he happily cashed the checks.


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