What was Sam's Baseball nick name?
Who was Cheers mailman?
What was Coach’s nickname when he played baseball?
Which one of these actors had a recurring character?
What is the name of the busboy at Melville’s?
What was Coach’s real name on the show?
TRUE OR FALSE - The original name of the show was going to be called "Sam's Place"
Although Norm's wife was never shown, she did have a name. What was her name?
Which one of these celebrities appeared as themselves on Cheers?
Whose dad played bar regular, Phil?
Since season 9, who owned Melville's?
Ted Danson reprised the role of Sam Malone in pre-game segments for what major sporting event?
Who was the shows main theme song performed by?
Which singer/actor played Woody’s cousin, Russell?
In what season are we introduced to Frasier Crane?
Who was the former owner of Cheers?
What studio was Cheers filmed at?
What position did Sam Malone play for the Boston Red Sox?
Which Cheers producer died on American Airlines Flight 11 that hit the World Trade Center?
As a player for the Boston Red Sox, what was Sam's jersey number?
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