Join Kid Corona on Zoom for a chance to win cash with Jack! Have you heard of Facematch Friday? All you need to do is guess all three celebs correctly to win $250. Exciting, right!? Each picture is composed of the head, the eyes, and the mouth, just like you see below.

Compete against other Zoom players for a chance to win cash on Facematch Friday! You can play from anywhere. Heck, play while you’re at work, at lunch or anywhere you desire. You deserve a little break and Facematch Friday is the perfect solution.

Make sure to download the Jack Trivia app to play. On Apple, search for “Jack Trivia”. On Google Play, search for “Jack Trivia Scorekeeping”. Then, get ready to join in on the fun!

Did you know that you can play trivia at over 50 locations? In fact, it’s a great way for you to practice a game of Facematch. Come out for trivia night and put your skills to the test.

Join our Zoom email list to receive the link. It’s the ONLY way to find out when we go live.

Good luck and we will see you at the next Facematch Friday.

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