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Jack Trivia is the only TV-style game show in the Country for bars & restaurants. You can also find us at the best casino’s, hotel’s, assisted living facilities & country clubs. And, let’s not forget corporate events; Jack Trivia is an absolute favorite! So, if you are looking for a unique, fun and energetic show, you came to the right place.

Thousands of happy trivia fans come out night after night to play. Kid Corona comes on screen and you join the game by downloading our app.

Visit any of our locations and check out the game for yourself. Or, get a sneak peek behind the scenes by watching our video. We guarantee you’ll have a blast! 

Want the Jack Trivia experience at your favorite bar? Contact us today.

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At Jack Trivia, We Love Pets!

Here at Jack Trivia, we LOVE pets. Every week, we feature a variety of pets during our 5minute game intermission. We call it “Jack Trivia Mascot of The Week“. 

Want your pet on the screen? No problem. Follow this guideline to make sure your pet looks like a star!

– Upload a high quality image.
– Vertical images work best or square cropped.
If you submitted your pet and have not seen them on the game, please be patient. We receive hundreds of submissions each week.
(IMPORTANT –  Submitting your pet multiple times can cause our software to push them down the list.)

Please, Only Submit Once

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Love Schitt's Creek? Take The Jack Trivia Challenge!

Hide your diamonds hide your exes, because here comes a little bit Alexis. If you’ve spent a lot of time watching Schitt’s Creek, this is going to be easy-peasy. Tag us @JackTriviaLive or comment below the game to let us know how you did. Good luck!

Want a Free answer? How about two?

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But, hey, if one is all you need, well, here is Kid Corona with your free answer for today. Good luck on today’s game.

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Whose Birthday Is It?

Kid Corona loves doing birthday shouts. Every week, Corona shouts out birthdays to players like you. If you or someone you know is celebrating a birthday soon, submit it right here. Our birthday department is on the case.

Next time you go out and play Jack Trivia, you might just hear your name.

Join Kid Corona and thousands of awesome people like you. We have many ways for you to win and several mind-blowing rounds of fun! Are you ready to play Jack Trivia?

  • El Chapo, (yes, the Kingpin), now has his own beer. Thanks to his daughter, her company developed a craft beer dedicated to her dad. It’s called…wait for it…”El Chapo Beer”
  • An Italian restaurant made a 338 foot pizza. Why? To help raise funds for fire fighters battling brushfires.
  • Spotify created a playlist for dogs to listen to while their owners are out. Now that’s innovative thinking, or, plain boredom.
  • “The highest Court in the land” is not what you may think. It’s the nickname of The Supreme Courts private basketball court.
  • If you thought getting into college was tough, try getting into Walmart. Turns out, only 2.6% of applicants get accepted, while 4.5% get accepted into Harvard.
  • This is for all Unicorn hunters; It’s legal to hunt them in Michigan, as long as you have a license. Yes, they offer one.
  • If you grew up watching Sesame Street, more than likely, you never new the Cookie Monster had a real name. Well, he does. Turns out his name is Sid. Don’t believe us, look it up. Now that’s a fun trivia fact.

Join Kid Corona, America’s Trivia Host for a night of trivia. Find a location near you and bring your team along for fun, food and prizes. See ya there!


  1. Brian says:

    Calling out Kid Corona . Team Us! that plays at Murphy’s Law Monday nights
    Bring your team ,…. if you dare

  2. Jason vaughn says:

    Play all the time at Phillies cj is awesome only thing I would change is bring back the emoji challenge that is a fun catagorie ,and lose fill in the quote

  3. Brian says:

    Best customer service ever on and something I emailed about , way to take care of your loyal trivia members , and a tip of the hat to White Claw

  4. Philip says:

    Chris at Dave and busters is honestly one of the best host we have seen! We have been to many, many jack trivia’s. He always talks to all the groups and is always so happy to be here.

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