The Media Buzz Keeps On Buzz'n With Jack Trivia

Media Buzz? The airwaves were abuzz as the intrepid hosts of AZ TV accepted Kid Corona’s daring challenge. Who will emerge victorious? Tune in to find out!

The ultimate trivia showdown Live On AZ TV

Can AZ TV’s hosts really recognize the biggest celebs out there? They accepted Kid Corona’s challenge! He set them up with a difficult face-matching quiz. Tune in now to discover who will earn bragging rights!

Media Buzz: Win Big With Jack Trivia

Ready to test your celeb spotting skills? Unleash the star power of your brain and prove it at one of our Jack Trivia locations. Win big with gift cards for conquering celebrity Facematch – you’ll be a trivia savant in no time!


Get to know Kid Corona, the Jack of all trades! (pun intended). You can catch him playing multiple roles in the world’s newest Country; Slowjamastan.
He serves as Chief Border Agent, protecting his nation from harm. Then, he becomes the lovable Dirk Cunningham, delivering up-to-date news. Kid Corona is more than meets the eye. His eclectic personality has caught the attention of Yahoo!, ABC, and beyond!
Watch Corona aka Dirk Cunningham in action in this eye opening newscast.
He may be well-known for his hosting of Jack Trivia, but reality is, he’s an International superhero. Protecting Nations and delivering outstanding news reports is no easy job!

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