The Game Nights Trivia Experience

We have been helping bar and restaurant owners boost their profits for over 10 years. With more than 40k app downloads & a 90% retention rate, Game Nights Trivia has become a fan favorite.

In 2017, we partnered with radio and television host, Kid Corona. Together, we created the world’s first TV show-style game for bars and restaurants. This partnership allowed us to solve several problems for our clients:


1. Talent  By having one seasoned host, we can deliver a professional approach that puts our clients mind at ease. 

2. Atmosphere – We can create a consistent, positive and energetic environment. The results? Repeat business.

3. Customer support – Our reputation for customer support is unmatched. 

3. Marketing – Our uniform approach allows us to market consistently and successfully. We provide every client with powerful marketing tools. 

4. Game Nights Trivia is the proven solution to slow nights. Contact us and give us a try. 

5. Never A Cancelled Show -The show must go on, no ifs, ands, or buts! Say goodbye to those dreaded cancellations and hello to uninterrupted fun! While other companies cross their fingers and hope for the best with live hosts, we’ve got a fail-proof plan: our host is always in the spotlight, rain or shine, glitches or giggles. Trust us to keep the party rocking and rolling, ensuring your trivia night never gets sidelined. With Game Night Entertainment, you’re not just booking an event – you’re securing peace of mind and a guaranteed blast for you and your guests! 

Meetings, conferences and corporate events

We have established a reputation for providing superb entertainment.
We have entertained hundreds of clients. Our list includes Courtyard Marriott, Four Seasons and the Phoenix Suns to name a few.
Game Nights Trivia has been an excellent source of entertainment for many well known brands. Find out how we can entertain you next by contacting us.

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