Most people in the U.S. don’t know a whole lot about 5 De Mayo. Sure, they know how to celebrate it, but that’s about as far as it goes. So, today, we give you 5 Hilarious 5 De Mayo Trivia Facts you did not know…or did you?

5. What Cinco de Mayo is NOT? According to Kid Corona, it is barely celebrated in Mexico. And, no one is wearing big sombreros and silly mustache’s.

4. What Beer company further influenced this well celebrated Holiday? Special thanks to Corona beer. By the way, Corona is more of an American beer than Mexican, lol. In fact, Corona is not as popular in Mexico as Bud Light is.


3. What do most Americans get wrong about 5 De Mayo? They think it’s Mexico’s Independence Day. Hey, write this down; Mexico’s Independence is the 16th of September. In Mexico, it’s a huge celebration

2. What Cinco de Mayo drink takes in the most cash? If you thought Corona, you are wrong! Let’s give it up for the good old tasty Margarita.

1.What do the experts (we had no idea there were experts) suggest you respectfully do on Cinco de Mayo? Stop saying things like “Cinco de Drinko” and “Guac”. And, certainly stay away from fake mustaches and sombreros. Instead, celebrate the culture and jam out to some awesome Mexican music and live Mariachis. Watch the video below.

Hey! Don’t miss out on upcoming trivia nights. Check out times and locations for an awesome trivia spot near you. Have a safe and healthy Cinco De Mayo!

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