Arizona's Best Trivia Host

Everyone loves a good game of trivia, but where can you find the best trivia host in Arizona? Look no further than the Flame-Throwing Kid Corona. He’ s been hosting trivia nights at some of the most popular bars and restaurants in Phoenix for years. In fact, he has become sort of a local legend. Well, that’s according to his mom, we haven’t verified it. Let’s take a look at why Corona is the undisputed king of trivia hosts in Arizona.

Arizona's Best Trivia Host

A Unique Personality

What sets Corona apart from other trivia hosts? His larger-than-life personality. He’s an entertaining mix of wise-cracking humor, obscure references, and general knowledge. People come to his shows every week because they know exactly what to expect. Not to mention that he wears a full flame suit while hosting which makes him stand out even more! JK!

Arizona's Best Trivia Host Always Has Engaging Questions

Of course, what matters when it comes to a great trivia night are the questions themselves. As Kid Corona says “Without the fine staff at Jack Trivia, My job would be tough“. We appreciate you too, sir. Questions range from easy to challenging and cover a wide range of topics. You can expect everything from pop culture to science and history.
It’s not limited to those topics either. Corona is always coming up with creative new ways to make sure everyone has a blast! No matter your level of knowledge, everyone can find something fun in Kid Corona’s shows!

Prizes & Giveaways

Last but not least, prizes. People love winning good stuff. Luckily, all our trivia locations have great prizes. From Octane race cards and hats to gift cards and more. There’s always something exciting up for grabs at one of his events! Plus, it adds another layer of fun for people who come out each week. Ready to join us?

If you’re looking for an amazing host who will bring your bar alive, ask for The Flame-Throwing Kid Corona! He knows how to engage with players and make sure everyone is having fun.
So, if you own or manage a bar or restaurant in Phoenix, don’t wait! Hire Jack Trivia today! You won’t regret it!
Come see a show for yourself. Find a location near you.

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