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Few superheroes have become as deeply ingrained in pop culture as Batman. The caped crusader has been a staple in pop culture for decades. Whether we’re discussing superhero toys, comic books, movies, or games, you’ll find Batman remains omnipresent. Now, will you accept the Batman trivia challenge? 

How old was Kid Corona in this awesome picture?
What is the US Patent Office number for the Adam West Batmobile?
TRUE OR FALSE - Kid Corona owns several Batmobiles
Is Batman a Marvels Comics Hero or a DC Comics Hero?
Michael Keaton made his first appearance in which of these shows?
Which of these Batman logos is Kid Corona’s Desktop background?

Awesome Batman Gifts That Everyone Will Love

1989 Batmobile
The Batmobile from the 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton remains the sleekest and most futuristic Batmobile on screen. Ask any Batman fan, and they’ll tell you the newer ones pale in comparison, and they’re not wrong. Not only was the 1989 Batmobile popular when it first showed up, but it’s still iconic all these years later.

The Batman 3D Car Badge

Do you ever wish you could drive around Gotham in your Batmobile? Well, that’s not happening, unfortunately. The good news is you can still imagine driving your vehicle like you’re Bruce Wayne. Consider getting the Batman 3D car badge you can place anywhere on your car. The Batman 3D car badge is available in several colors. In addition, you can also place it on your laptop, computer, or other devices. 

The Batman 3D Car Badge

The Adam West Batmobile with Action Figures

There’s an ongoing debate between fans on social media about the best actor to play Batman. You can’t scroll down without seeing Adam West’s name mentioned. Adam West helped popularize Batman to a wider audience with his astonishingly accurate depiction of the Caped Crusader on the silver screen. Most people on the internet will tell you that you can’t be an authentic Batman fan without owning something from the classic TV series. Therefore, consider getting your hands on the classic Batmobile with accompanying action figures. This Batmobile also features light-up headlights and taillights.

The Adam West Batmobile with Action Figures

Congratulations on taking the Batman challenge. So, how did you do? Join Kid Corona for a challenging game of Jack Trivia. Find a location near you.

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