6 Delicious Drinks You Need To Try At A Bar

Whether you’re playing trivia or bar hopping, ordering drinks at a bar can be intimidating. With so many options, it’s hard to know what to order. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are 6 delicious drinks that you need to try the next time you go out and play.

Delicious Drinks

1. Margarita

Considered by many to be the quintessential drink of the summer, margaritas are a classic. The recipe is made with tequila, triple sec and lime juice, but there are lots of variations to choose from. Want something sweet? Ask for a strawberry margarita! Feeling adventurous? Try a mango-chili margarita!

2. Mojito

If you like minty cocktails then this is the one for you. The mojito consists of white rum, mint leaves, lime juice and sugar syrup and it packs a refreshing punch. It’s perfect for sipping on hot summer days or even as an after-dinner treat on cooler evenings.

3. Bloody Mary

This classic brunch staple is also great for sipping any time of day (or night). It’s made with vodka and tomato juice mixed together with spices. Adding worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce gives it its signature spicy kick! Top it off with some celery or olives to make it pop!

4. Old Fashioned

This timeless cocktail has been around since the late 1800s and one of Kid Corona’s favorites. It’s made with whiskey (usually bourbon or rye), bitters, sugar and an orange slice garnish. Always ask for a square or round ice. But, a lot of bars charge an ice fee. So, make sure you ask before you order. The Old Fashioned is perfect for sipping while playing trivia at your local bar.

5. White Russian

This creamy concoction is sure to please any audience! Made with vodka, Kahlua liqueur and cream. It’s definitely not your average drink but definitely worth trying. Serve over ice or enjoy it straight up in a martini glass – either way it’ll have your taste buds singing!

6. Cosmopolitan

Who doesn’t love Sex In The City? While Carrie Bradshaw was known for her love of Manolos – she was also known for her love of cosmopolitans! This fruity concoction consists of vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec and lime juice. It’s shaken together over ice and served in a chilled martini glass topped off with an orange twist garnish – yum!!

There you have it – six delicious drinks that will take your bar hopping experience up a notch! So go ahead, grab some friends and get ready to shake (and stir!) up some trivia fun at your favorite watering hole this weekend!
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