How to Shoot Lower Golf Scores

Mastering a mean golf swing isn’t all you need to lower your golf scores. To do that, one needs to know how to swing like Ben Hogan and teach said swing like Jeff Richmond did in his book, The Stress-Free Golf Swing.

Keep reading to shoot lower scores and make the game of swing much easier.

Avoid Your Weaknesses

Playing to your strengths is, by far, the best way to lower your score. It’s quite obvious, too. Why would you challenge yourself by playing shots you need to work on when you could stick to the ones you’ve already aced?

Record a few rounds manually, and you can identify your stronger swings. All you have to do then is keep playing them as much as possible to improve your score.

Get Your Head in the Shot

Unlike other competitive sports, the pressure you feel during golf is much less obvious, but it’s there all the same. Playing one bad shot in golf can make you forget all the good shots you’ve played because that’s how the scores are decided in this game.

Nevertheless, you won’t go too far if you keep fixating on that one bad shot. It happened, and while you can’t exactly undo it, you still have plenty of rounds left to lower your golf score. 

Assume the Correct Posture

Golf is rare because not every game requires a set posture. An awkward spine angle won’t result in a poor swing right away. It’s gradual and eats into your performance slowly, meaning you probably don’t even know that your spine angle needs work.

Here’s what the right golf stance entails:

  • Align your shoulders with your feet.
  • Keep your toe area straight and facing in the same direction as your body.
  • Bend your torso over your hips, but keep your tailbone and shoulders back.
  • Keep your chest and chin up.
  • Distribute your weight along the balls of your feet.
Consider the Weather

All golfers estimate yardage based on whether the shot is uphill or downhill, but you’d be surprised how many almost ignore natural interventions, such as:

  • Wind: Pay attention to wind patterns because they could half or double your yardage. 
  • Temperature: The higher the temperature, the further the ball will travel.
  • Altitude: High altitudes also promote longer play.

 Read The Stress-Free Golf Swing by Jeff Richmond

Learning Ben Hogan’s swing technique is the fastest way to lower your golf score. The former star golfer’s technique might seem like magic, but it’s just a combination of know-how and focus, which Jeff Richmond discusses at great length in The Stress-Free Golf Swing. 

Buy the book today to swing your way to lower golf scores like Ben Hogan.

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