Where Are The Best Trivia Bars In Scottsdale? Read on!

Are you a trivia aficionado? Do you have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and the thirst to show it off? Look no further! Here are the best trivia bars in Scottsdale to get your fix on!


R.T. O'Sullivan's Sports Grill

Step into the warm hospitality of O’Sullivans – an Irish gem tucked away in Scottsdale! Steeped in a proud family tradition, tracing its heritage all the way back to scenic Ring of Kerry. Every Friday at 7:30p, Jack Trivia blasts off!. Join us for fun, prizes and delicious grub.

Looking For More Trivia Bars In Scottsdale? Check Out El Dorado

El Dorado Bar and Grill is a real-life goldmine! From great grub to phenomenal drinks, there’s something for everyone. Who knew that what started as a model home in 1960 would become one of the Valley’s best destinations. We sure didn’t – but we’re so glad it did! Head on over for Jack Trivia night. Join Kid Corona for an absolute blast! The party begins at 6pm. See ya there!

Bitters Cocktail Bar & Food

Come join the celebration of all things craft and quality cocktails! Every Tuesday, put your knowledge to the test with a game of Jack Trivia. Who knows, you may even cross paths with Kid Corona while you’re at it – come one, come all for an unforgettable night!


Get ready to experience the ultimate flavor adventure at Dog Haus! Every bite crafted with Creekstone Farms‘ hormone and antibiotic free Black Angus beef. All their hot dogs and burgers are more delicious when served on a grilled King’s Hawaiian roll. Enjoy one of their famous “Haus creations”. Or, get creative by adding any number of exciting toppings. – it can be lunchtime or dinner but your taste buds will always thank you! And the bonus? Jack Trivia. All the fun starts at 6pm.


We’ve got you covered. Making sure you end up at the best trivia bars in Scottsdale is our mission. Find a location near you and meet up with Kid Corona 7 days a week.

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