Do you know how many germ infested things are in your home right now? If you don’t, you’re about to find out. These are the 10 Dirtiest Things in Your House. The good news is, it can all be cleaned. Here we go.

COMPUTER KEYBOARD – When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? Think of all the things you touch throughout your day. Not to mention, greasy fingers from some of the things you eat. Cleaning your keyboard once a week is better than not cleaning it at all

KITCHEN SPONGE – I know you saw this one coming. If there is anything in your home that is dirty, it’s this. Most sponge’s only last about 1-2 weeks. According to research, your sponge contains 362 different bacterial species.

CELL PHONE – I’ve mentioned this on Jack Trivia before. Cleaning your cell phone is easy. And, you can do it several times a week. Remember, it has more bacteria than a toilette. disgusting.

BATHROOM SINK – I bet you never gave this one a thought. In all honesty, neither did I. According to a 2018 study, 80% of sink’s surfaces were covered in pathogens. Whoa!

PILLOW CASE – This one should be obvious. Especially for women. If you don’t remove your makeup before bed, all those chemicals end up on your pillow case. Even worse, back on your skin. Try cleaning your pillow cases weekly.

KITCHEN TOWELS – Here’s another overlooked item. We use our towels so much, that we forget about cleaning them. The University of Mauritius analyzed 100 towels after one month of use. Half of them were carrying some sort of bacteria. Don’t overlook this item.

TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER – Guilty! My toothbrush sits on the charging station. I’ve seen it turn several colors, it’s horrible. I like using hydrogen peroxide to clean it. Not only does it do a great job, but it also disinfects.

COFFEE MAKER – No! Not the almighty coffee maker, lol. Unfortunately, yes. Follow cleaning instructions from your manual. I cleaned mine after finding out this dirty detail.

WATER BOTTLE – I clean mine almost daily. Reusable water bottles mean; daily clean. Think about it.

SHOES – This one tops them all. Imagine going to the bathroom at your favorite restaurant. Then, you head home and walk in with those same dirty shoes. On your carpet, floor, everywhere. How does that sound to you?


And there it is. These are the 10 Dirtiest Things in Your House. Although there are a lot more, we felt this was a great place to start. Feel free to share this post with your friends. After all, friends don’t let friends live dirty.

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