6 Hilarious Sports Trivia Facts That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Your brain needs a break? Let’s give it some hilarious food for thought with these 6 Crazy Sports Trivia Facts that’ll make you go “Woah!” Ready or not, here we come!

Which Basketball star continued getting paid while trying his hand in another sport?

Does the name Michael Jordan ring a bell? Here’s a guy who knows how to negotiate. Jerry Reinsdorf, Bulls owner, continued paying Jordan around $4 million bucks! How would you like your boss to pay you to work for another company? Ugh, if only. But, when it comes Jordan, that’s what I call base-balls!.

6 Hilarious Sports Facts

Which NFL team hadn’t made the playoffs for 18 years?

Um, have you heard of a team called the Buffalo Bills? Ouch! Not sure this qualifies as hilarious. Maybe more like, painful, right?

What name can be typed entirely with the left hand?

Well, if the picture wasn’t a dead give away for ya, then here it is: Roger Federer. Try it out, and then be happy that today, my friend, you leveled up in sports trivia!

How many dimples does the average golf ball have?

Wait, someone actually took the time to count the dimples on a golf ball? Can you get paid for that? Even if you’re an avid golfer, like I am, I’ve never once looked at the ball and counted the dimples. The average golf ball has 336 dimples. Go ahead, take a count. I dare you!

How many minutes of total action are there in a baseball game?

Here’s something most people never think about. Baseball has Only 18 minutes of total action. Wish I could get the other 2.5 hours back! Thank goodness for beers and dogs.

What NBA player had his championship ring resized to fit his middle finger?

What’s the best way to tell the apposing team where they can take it? Have Rasheed Wallace resize his ring to fit his middle finger. If that ain’t telling them what’s up, don’t know what will.

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