If you love classic movies, you will love Back to The Future Trivia. The best part is, it will help you ramp up your skills for the next game of Jack Trivia. So, grab your DeLorean and let’s jump back in time!

What was the name of Doc Brown's dog in 1955?
What was the name of the school that was used as Hill Valley High School?
What was the first Novel by George McFly?
What was the name of the Almanac from BTTF Part II?
What was Lorraine McFly's maiden name?
What is the name of the actress who played Jennifer #2?
Who was originally considered for the role of Doc Brown?
What is the correct spelling of the device that makes time travel possible?
What was the name of Marty McFly's Sister?
What actor was originally cast as Marty McFly?
What was Doc Brown's original family name?
What was the name of the subdivision that Marty McFly lived in?
What was the name of Marty McFly's Brother?
In BTTF Part I, What was Twin Pines Mall later renamed?
Before the producers settled on the DeLorean, what was the original time machine concept?
Which actress from The Office was slated for the role of Jennifer Parker?
True or False - The film was almost called "Space Man from Pluto"

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