5 Sensational History Facts that will blow your mind

History is full of junk that has passed down from generation to generation. But thanks to the internet and networks like The History Channel, the truth has come to light. At least, we hope so. Let’s do this!

5. What famous physicist declined to be the President of Israel when it formed? Does e=Mc2 ring a bell? It should because it was Albert Einstein who turned down the position. Once again he proves to have been smarter than the average bear. Good job Einstein.


4. What is the largest living organism in the world? If you don’t like shrooms, you’re not going to like this answer. But if you love them, this will be the tastiest answer you have ever seen. By now, you figured out we are talking about a mushroom. Not the Super Mario type, but a real-live giant Mushroom in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest. This thing is insane!

3. What was the shortest war in History? I don’t even know if you can call this a war. It’s more like an argument. But it was the Anglo-Zanzibar war. It lasted around 45 minutes marking it as the shortest recorded war in history.

2. What former U.S President saved 77 people from drowning? Let’s make some noise for President Ronald Reagan! Did you know that besides being an actor and President, he was also a lifeguard? Well done Mr. President.

1. Guess what Paul Revere never shouted? “The British are Coming!” You’ve heard it at least a thousand times. But unfortunately, it’s completely wrong. According to history.com, the famous quote was false. So, why was such a rumor spread to sound like the truth? Simple; storytelling. Would it be as exciting if you heard it any other way?


And, there it is; 5 SENSATIONAL TRIVIA FACTS THAT ARE HARD TO BELIEVE. Would you like to share any yourself? Please, feel free to do so below. In the meantime, make sure you get your free trivia answer by watching Kid Corona’s Daily Trivia. And, if you want exclusive access to more free trivia answers, make sure to sign up below. We hope you have yourself a fantastic day and we look forward to hearing from you.

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